Compensation persecutions jews

Jews who survived the Shoah can ask for compensation for the persecutions they suffered during the Second World War. On the Memorial website, they can find detailed information on their rights, the application process and other administrative procedures.

Those forced to work as slave labourers in countries occupied by Nazi Germany are also considered as victims of the Second World War. Survivors can apply for compensation also transferable to their spouses. You will find more information on the supplementary pension program on our website.

Compensation persecutions jews

The rights of political internees

French and foreign citizens, who were interned in France or certain forced labour camps (such as Tunisia, Algeria or Morocco) after 16 June 1940, are officially recognized as 'political internees'. Jews interned in France can, among others, ask for financial compensation. The Shoah Memorial guides you through the application process.

Orphans of the Shoah

Those who have lost one or both parents in concentration camps during the Second World War are eligible as Orphans of the Shoah (or Orphans of the Holocaust). On our website, they can get information on how to fill out an application for a lifetime pension or other forms of compensation.

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