Compensation french jewish transported convict

Jewish internees, Orphans of the Holocaust, forced labourers and other victims of the Second World War are entitled to compensation. Survivors of the Shoah can learn more about their rights to reparation and administrative procedures on the Memorial website.

Forced labourers are also victims of the Second World War, since they had to work hard in countries occupied by Nazi Germany. Consequently, they can benefit from a supplementary pension programme. This kind of compensation for war victims is transferable to the surviving spouse.

Compensation french jewish transported convict

The rights of political internees

'Political internees' who were imprisoned in camps, children houses or prisons in France or certain camps in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco for at least three months during the Second World War can apply for a pension. On the Memorial website, you will find everything you need to know about pensions for civil victims of the war.

Orphans of the Shoah

French citizens or foreigners, who lost one or both parents, because they were deported and died in a concentration camp in France, are considered as Orphan of the Holocaust. They are therefore entitled to a pension. You can find more details on the application process on our website.

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