Victims spoliations France

If you or your parents were victims of spoliation during World War II, you should browse our website to find out more about your rights to compensation and to get helpful advice.

During the anti-Semitic legislation, many damages were caused by spoliation of financial and material assets. The Shoah Memorial offers you detailed information on your rights to reparations, restitution or compensation. This applies also to art works which were stolen in France during the Second World War.

Victims spoliations France

Restitution of stolen Jewish funds

In the course of the anti-Semitic legislation, the Jewish community suffered spoliation of personal goods and real estate. For the last 10 years, the 'Commission for the compensation of victims of spoliation' has been in charge of the financial compensation for stolen funds, art works, furniture, etc.

Spoliation of valuable works of art

An illustrated catalogue published by the Management of French Museums is supposed to help victims of spoliation to get back artwork that was spoliated by Nazi Germany. Thus, requests for restitution and compensation can be handled more easily.

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