Jewish stolen assets

If you or your parents were victims of spoliation during World War II, you should browse our website to find out more about your rights to compensation and to get helpful advice.

The restoration of stolen Jewish funds is only one of the many concerns of the Shoah Memorial. Be it the restitution of art works or other forms of compensation ? our website informs you about your rights in case you suffered damages caused by spoliation of material and financial assets during the anti-Semitic legislation.

Jewish stolen assets

Financial compensation after the Jewish genocide

Jews who suffered spoliation because of the anti-Semitic legislation can address their applications for the restitution of their stolen funds to the 'Commission for the compensation of victims of spoliation'. In the last 10 years, this commission has provided 450 million Euros for reparation purposes.

Spoliation of valuable works of art

Numerous works of art, including paintings, sculptures and other art objects, were spoliated in France during the Second World War. Jewish owners recognizing their assets in the National Museum of Compiegne Castle can retrieve their possessions.

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