Jews deported from France

Jewish children and parents who were deported from France during the Second World War are eligible for the official title of 'political deportees'. They can apply for a pension.

The official title of 'political deportee' is given to those who were deported from France after 16 June 1940. Victims of the Holocaust like French and foreign deportees imprisoned or interned in concentration camps outside the national territory, and slave labourers can learn more about their rights on our website.

Jews deported from France

Victims of the Holocaust and their rights

The 'Medal of deportation and internment' was instituted in 1948 for the victims of the Holocaust who were deported or interned for political reasons during the Second World War. Political deportees have the right to wear it and can also get other compensations like a pension.

Financial compensation for deported Jews

Jews deported from France have a right to compensation. Those officially recognized as 'political deportees' can apply for a pension after a medical visit and other administrative procedures. Our section 'Deported from France' will provide you with more information on this issue.

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