Financial repairs jewish genocide

The persecutions endured by the Jewish community during the Second World War are terrifying. On the Shoah Memorial website you can learn more about possible compensations for Holocaust victims.

After the deportations of Jews during the Second World War, the compensation of the victims became an important issue. If you suffered from persecution, were deported or dispossessed of your goods, the French government offers you compensation. The Shoah Memorial website guides you through the necessary procedures step by step.

Financial repairs jewish genocide

Financial compensation for deportation

The Holocaust Memorial website also helps victims to receive financial compensation for the loss of their deported Jewish parents. Orphans of the Holocaust are entitled to a pension for children of prisoners. Jewish internees and children of Jewish parents murdered by the Nazi regime or deported from France can also benefit from compensations.

Financial compensation after spoliation

After the Second World War, the restitution of stolen Jewish goods has become an important part of the compensation process. After the Jewish Genocide, many associations worked on compensations for Jews having suffered spoliation. You can check all compensation procedures online.

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