Compensation persecutions jews second world war

The persecutions endured by the Jewish community during the Second World War are terrifying. On the Shoah Memorial website you can learn more about possible compensations for Holocaust victims.

After the deportations of Jews during the Second World War, the compensation of the victims became an important issue. If you suffered from persecution, were deported or dispossessed of your goods, the French government offers you compensation. The Shoah Memorial website guides you through the necessary procedures step by step.

Compensation persecutions jews second world war

Compensations for deported Holocaust victims

Our website offers advice and support. Jewish internees deported from France can find out what kind of compensations they can receive. Children of Jewish parents who were shot during World War II are considered as Orphans of the Holocaust and are also entitled to compensation.

Financial compensation after spoliation

It is rather complicated to get information on available compensations for Jewish victims of spoliation in France during World War II. On our website you can find out if you or your parents are entitled to compensation. Feel free to read our explanations for the restitution of stolen Jewish assets.

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