Compensation jewish genocide

Jews who have suffered from persecutions during the Second World War are entitled to compensation. Operated by the Holocaust Memorial, this website provides you with more information on this subject.

Nearly 70 years after the end of the Jewish genocide, compensation claims against the anti-Semitic legislation during the Nazi regime are still relevant. The Shoah Memorial guides children of deported Jewish parents, victims of spoliations and parents whose child was killed during the war through all administrative procedures.

Compensation jewish genocide

Financial compensation for deportation

Our website offers advice and support. Jewish internees deported from France can find out what kind of compensations they can receive. Children of Jewish parents who were shot during World War II are considered as Orphans of the Holocaust and are also entitled to compensation.

Compensation for Jewish victims of spoliation

Requisitions of the French Jewish community during the Second World War dealt with confiscating personal goods or real estate. The Holocaust Memorial website provides a clear list of available compensations for Jews who were victims of spoliation during the Second World War.

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